VIP, Refer A Friend & Points Programs

Introducing the new Fibre Maven Club & VIP Program!

I need help growing the business and in return this club is a great place to earn points towards discounts and free shipping. Become a VIP and earn even more! If you placed an order through the Fibre Maven Etsy store I will adjust your account to reflect that! 

1. VIP Program


Spent $1500 to earn 2.5 x the points


Spend $1000 to earn 2x the points


Spend $500 to earn 1.5x the points

2. Refer A Friend Code

Sender 15%

Receiver 15%

$50.00 order purchase required

3. Ways to earn points

Complete Rewards Profile = 50 points 

Follow Fibre Maven on Instagram = 200 points

Subscribe to Fibre Maven Newsletter for Inventory Updates & Sales = 200 points

Social share = 50 points

Leave Review = 100 points

Create Account = 200 points

Place Order = 1 points for every $1

Reward on Birthday = 200 points

To join simply click on the rewards botton on the bottom left hand side of your screen. Create an account and you're on your way to even more savings!

Fibre Maven is run by me, a momma who loves yarn. It's a very small, Canadian run business, a passion project really. This community and support means the world to me. 

Thank you and much love, 



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