Bobbiny is my favourite macrame yarn. I've sold it in the Fibre Maven studio in the past. The colours are beautiful and the quality is amazing. I also love that it's a husband and wife owned company from Poland. They are eco-friendly. All their cords are made from recycled textiles. The textiles are shredded then mixed to get the desired colours and spun into thread for their cords. So no dyeing process! This is huge! The dye process uses an immense amount of water and puts a lot of chemicals into the environment. They also meet the OEKO-TEX standard so their cords do not contain anything that is harmful to your health and they are safer for people with allergies and safe for children. 

Please let me know which macrame cord you would like me to include on the Bobbiny order. 

This is the link to their website to see the different sizes and colours:

Pricing is as follows:

Braided cord - Junior 3mm 100m/108yds - $19.00

Braided cord - Premium 5mm 100m/108yds - $20.00

Braided cord - Jumbo 9mm 100m/108yds - $35.00

Macramé cord - Baby 1.5mm 100m/108yds - $18.00

Macramé cord - Regular 3mm 100m/108yds - $20.00

Macramé cord - XXL 5mm 100m/108yds - $22.00

3PLY Macramé Rope - 3mm 100m/108yds - $22.00

3PLY Macramé Rope - 5mm 100m/108yds - $28.00

If you'd like to get in on the pre-order please complete the following Google Form!