Can you believe there were 366 days in 2020? Seems fitting! 

Well we made it through all of those days together and I am so very grateful & thankful for this growing community. 

I took a leap this year and switched from weaving hand dyed babywrap carriers and selling luxury weaving yarns to start selling all natural, luxury, merino, hand dyed yarns for tapestry, knitting and crochet. I’m so happy about the switch! 

Despite my studio turning into a home office for my husband, beginning homeschooling for my three children, cancelling plans for a brick and mortar location and keeping inventory limited to bulky weights, I feel like I made the right choice. 

I feel very lucky because I truly love these yarns. I love making modern woven wall hangings and crocheting slippers. I love chatting with all of you. I love getting your orders ready and seeing all the colours you choose. I also really love getting to see some of your projects! You’re so talented! I’m inspired to pick up some knitting needles! 

So here’s to celebrating the good in 2020, looking forward to better days, to midnight kisses & New Year’s wishes! Wishing you and yours the very best in the new year! xoxoxo 💜💕