Good golly this yarn surpased all of my expectations! All of them! Sorry, I'm yelling but I can't help it. 

First, the details. 

Illimani Yarn is a Canadian company based out of Montreal. I love to support other Canadians so I am beyond happy to start to offer their yarns for sale in my studio.  I've been drooling over their yarns for a long time now. 

Silki is a 100% Mulberry silk yarn. Spun at the foot of the Alps in Biella Italy." Does that sound like a dream to you? Yes, yes it does. 

It begins as a boucle yarn but is brushed to give it this unique, airy finish. The result is a shiney, silky soft, airy, bulky yarn that is strong. It might look wispy but the boucle structure keeps it all in place. It is not like a pencil roving that you could easily pull apart. 

There are 44 yards per 50 gram cone. 

Please go and check out their IG feed to see how gorgeous this is knit up!

Today was the first time I'd seen this yarn in person and I gasped when I took it out of it's packaging.  I knew I'd love it. I love it so much that I'd like to roll around in it all day. I won't, but I want to. It deserves to be made into something beautiful. 

This is a magical, unicorn, fluffy, cloud of shmooshy, silky heaven.