Welcome to Fibre Maven on Etsy!

I'm a fibre artist and a mother to three wonderful boys. We live in Ottawa, Canada.

  I've always had a creative side and a love for the arts. However, I didn't fully immerse myself in my love for textiles until my youngest son was born. What better time to start a new hobby and business than with two year old twins and a newborn, right? I'd say so because it's been an amazing five years of growth and discovery.

It all began with what was supposed to be a one off project, to weave my own babywrap carrier. It evolved into a weaving and dye studio, an Etsy and an online store. The online store focused on inventory, interesting yarns not readily available in my area. My Etsy store was supposed to focus on my handmade items. I started it in 2018 but alas, storing that volume of inventory took over a whole floor of our home, the looms multiplied and things got a little crowded. The main website started requiring more time. I simply didn't have time to create and sell on Etsy! So, last year I closed down my Shopfify store to allow me to focus on my ETSY store in 2020! 

This year I'll be making wall more hangings, weaving scarves, exploring free weaving and sewing up some dry canvas bags to sell here. I'm hoping to also include some limited and curated yarn kits and Funem Studio looms.  

New photos, new listings and blog posts to come!

Wishing everyone the very best in 2020,


Fibre Maven