Did you know that we offer free, contactless pick-ups for local orders?

Simply endter the code: FREEPICKUP during checkout.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. I don't know anyone who hasn't had to pivot and make a huge amount of changes. 

Some changes we've made were to homeschool, have my husband work from home (he's using my studio) and for me to stop having in person shopping at the home studio.

I miss seeing customers but we have a high risk child so we decided immdeiatly to be extra cautious. Nine months later we're still being just as cautious. 

If we exhibit any symptoms, require testing or ar sick the Etsy store will go on vacation and I won't take any orders until everyone is healthy and COVID free. I'd rather shut down than risk making someone else sick. 

To make online shopping a bit easier I take photos of new inventory when it arrives. I love these super bulky hand dyed yarns but they can look different between dye batches. So I'm using my good camera, pulling out the Canon and my light box to show you exactly what they look like. No guessing about what your yarn will look like. I know that monitors can look different but the photos are as true to life as I can get. I don't edit the colours and if two packages of the same colourway look different I create different listings for them. 

free contactless pick-ups

LIsting photos - true to colour