Magic Dobby

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$5,050.00 CAD

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For a loom capable of complex weaving our Magic Dobby (MD) is also a very portable loom. It is the perfect workshop loom and an ideal sampler for weavers using a larger scale multi-harness floor loom.

The construction and operation of the dobby system is both easy to understand and easy to work with. Using the MD as a table loom, you open the shed lifting the selected harnesses by the lever. If the loom is mounted on the included floor stand, you can open the shed using the treadle and/or the lever. The front and rear sections fold up towards the castle, for easy storage or travel.

With the mechanical dobby the pivoting chain tensioner can be positioned to allow a chain with over 100 program bars. When a chain of more than 34/44 program bars (MD40/MD70) is used, a weight in the loop of the chain is needed to keep tension on the chain. With the square dial on the front of the castle, you activate the dobby chain forward or backward by rotating it 90 degrees. With the electronic interface the weaving software on your computer will select the shafts.

Magic Dobby is available in 40 cm (15 3/4′′) and 70 cm (27 5/8′′) weaving width and is made of lacquered beech. The loom comes with the castle section assembled and a floor stand with treadle, swivel (pivot) beater system, raddle, a stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 dpi), 600/800 Texsolv heddles, lease and tie-up sticks and sixteen warp sticks.


• Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8′′)

• Second warp beam with back beam

• Standing beat• Flying Dutchman shuttle

• Electronic interface

• Mechanical dobby, including 30 program bars • Program bars per ten

• Dobby chain weight

Dimensions (wxdxh)

MD 40 - 58 x 100 x 140 cm (22 3/4′′ x 39 3/8′′ x 55′′)

MD 70 - 88 x 100 x 140 cm (34 5/8′′ x 39 3/8′′ x 55′′)

Folded  58 cm (23′′) deep


MD 40 - 25 kg (55 lb)

MD 70 - 33 kg (73 lb)

    I've personally owned and woven on the Jane, Erica, Megado and Lisa. I've also taken spinning lessons with the drop spindles and spinning wheels. They're amazing! 

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