Malabrigo Book 18, Rios & Washted

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  • Bea Naretto
  • Kristina Vilimaite
  • Jaclene Sini
  • Yoko Hatta
  • Barb Brown
  • Nadia Elgawarsha
  • Mari Tobita
  • Katrin Schubert
  • Jacqueline van Dillen
  • Jane Richmond
  • Faina Goberstein
  • Sarah Hatton
  • Hanna Maciejewska

Yarns used: Washted & Rios


Pag. 6

After ‘Beg Texture Stripe Pat with Increases’, it should say ‘Change to larger needles’. The larger needles are then used for the remainder of the pattern.  

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